No two pieces of granite are exactly alike, so as well as making your kitchen beautifully unique, ours is available in over 100 colors. ranite adds sheer advancement to a kitchen whilst being hard-wearing and low support. It's hard to break and stain and scratch safe, implying that they can withstand years of ordinary utilize and still look just took the ribbon off new, enduring a seemingly endless amount of time where cover will rankle, part or break.





Each marble bathroom is remarkable in appearance giving your bathroom a clean, welcoming and smoothly exquisite look. The long-wearing stone; produced using dolomite or limestone after great weight and heat are applied; give an eminent result that can push up the estimation of any property with a welcoming look. Effectively cleaned with low support, its sheer smooth extravagance.




Perfect Edge Profile

At Beta Granite we can offer a variety of edge profiles. Stone Edge profiles are what has any kind of effect between a decent looking ledge and an awesome looking Countertop, Beta Granite ledges stockroom has a few decisions of Granite Edge Profiles accessible, some of them are standard Edge Profiles at no additional expense to you, and some have a bit additional expense, Glide over the Edge Profile pictures above to see a few samples.